Reach quality candidates everywhere in Europe


Receive qualified candidates and only pay on result

For internal recruiters and recruitment firms

We help you source the right candidates but you own the selection process

Control your budget

See price grid below for our three publishing options (free, sponsored and priced)

Invite your employees to the hunt!

We can structure the program to comply with your internal rules and provide you with a management tool

Source qualified applicants

through our Social Linkers’ social media platforms. NOTE: The incentive for our Social Linkers to do so increases by an order of magnitude when you choose a Priced Option

Save time in your recruitment process

Our precise filters ensure applicants who match your criteria

Find exclusive candidates

Reach candidates you could never find anywhere else thanks to our Social Linkers’ communities

Monitor your recruitment process

With our online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on any device, wherever you are

Three publishing options

Your Success Multiplier

(our platform will translate the fees into your country’s currency - Only pay these fees if you recruited thanks to us)

It costs you
  • 500 CHF
  • 1'000HF
  • 1'500 CHF
  • 3'000 CHF
We earn
  • 100 CHF
  • 200 CHF
  • 300 CHF
  • 600 CHF
The user earns
  • 400 CHF
  • 800 CHF
  • 1'200 CHF
  • 300 CHF

NOTE: We have listed minimum fees only. Feel free to post at higher fees if you want to really motivate our Social Linkers and get great results in record time.