About us

We are the result of a meeting of the minds between a "frustrated" recruiter and a brilliant software engineer.

Guillaume, a former recruiter, kept running into the same challenge over and over again: How can I let an applicant know that a job has opened up which exactly matches his/her qualifications? Guillaume has used many European job boards in the past to recruit for internal and external clients and he knew there had to be something much better to match a job opening with the perfectly qualified candidate.

After many discussions, dinners and glasses of wine with Antoine, a software engineer with software development experience for start-ups and a penchant for keeping himself on the leading edge of technology, the result was born: tellnspread.com.

It is so much more than a job board. It includes a mechanism for job postings to quickly go viral all over the world through our Social Linkers. Result? Filling jobs with perfectly matched candidates in record time.

We invite Recruiters, Candidates and Social Linkers to join our community and experience the ease of use and the fantastic results that can be achieved by all users. Of course, Antoine is already working on the next release for an even better user experience. But you don’t need to wait for that. It’s working perfectly now and you can JOIN TODAY totally free of charge.